Melhor agendamento de recrutamento

Conecte-se mais rapidamente com os melhores talentos, melhore a experiência do candidato e automatize o trabalho de agendamento.

Melhor agendamento de recrutamento


Aumento nas primeiras chamadas de filtragem



mais rápido para agendar entrevistas com candidatos



Redução no tempo de entrevista


Automatize seu processo de agendamento de entrevistas

O Calendly ajuda você a contratar candidatos mais rapidamente, cuidando de todas as tarefas de agendamento manual que podem retardar a contratação.

O Calendly oferece duas soluções para atender às necessidades de sua equipe

Built for hiring managers and recruiting teams of all sizes, Calendly provides frictionless interview scheduling.

  • Schedule 1:1 and group interviews in a few clicks

  • Embed Calendly anywhere with powerful integrations

  • Book interviews from LinkedIn

  • Sync data to your ATS automatically

  • Use Workflows to automate candidate reminders and communication

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Built for recruiting teams with more complex enterprise scheduling and coordination needs, Prelude streamlines interview operations at every stage.

  • Coordinate any interview, from 1:1s to sequential panels to in-person hiring events

  • Build the best available interview panel - automatically

  • Work within your ATS to reduce context-switching

  • Uncover recruiting-specific data you can act on right away


Real people, real results

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"Prelude came at a pivotal moment of growth for us. Prelude increased our scheduling speed and automated some of our core processes, enabling us to take on even more and expand our business impact."

Tyler Patterson, Airtable

Tyler Patterson

Recruiting Manager, Coordination and Operations, Airtable

"What I really enjoy about using Prelude are the reports. Being able to drive our decisions based on data, being able to influence our stakeholders and showcasing also our work, the many tasks that our schedulers and our talent ops are doing that are often overlooked. We absolutely needed a tool like Prelude to scale our business."

Rebecca Schmidt, Thoughtworks

Rebecca Schmidt

Global Head of Programs, Thoughtworks

"Because of the volume of calls we get using Calendly, I know Calendly will be a good return on my investment."

John Compton

Recrutador executivo, Agile Search

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"[Prelude] has completely transformed our processes … most importantly, [we can deliver] a memorable candidate experience that sets us apart from our industry peers."

Danny Cao

Internship Program Manager, Glassdoor


Transforme o agendamento de entrevistas na sua vantagem competitiva

Explore as características e benefícios de cada solução.

Recursos do Calendly

Interview scheduling

Make it easy for candidates to self-schedule their 1:1 or group interviews.


Automate and standardize communications that should happen before and after interviews, such as reminders, confirmation emails, and follow-ups.

Admin-managed events

Create and assign common event types across your Calendly users, such as hiring managers or interviewers, standardizing certain elements to drive consistency.

Integrations and extensions

Browser add-ons and integrations let you use Calendly wherever and whenever you’re working.

Custom questions

Collect key information in advance of the interview to further qualify and vet applicants.

Recursos do Calendly

Recursos do Prelude

Interview scheduling

Coordinate multi-step interviews in seconds. Pick your interview types, and desired order, and let our scheduling engine handle the rest.

Interviewer load balancing

Distribute interview workload evenly, allocate resources, and prevent burnout among your hiring teams.

Interviewer management

Build perfect panels when you add interviewer attributes and preferences into your scheduling process.

ATS integrations

Automatically update candidate records when an interview is scheduled or rescheduled. Book meetings directly from your ATS.

Reporting and analytics

Whether you want to track interviews, no-shows, cancellations, or team productivity and bandwidth, the metrics are just a click away.

Recursos do Prelude

Acelere seu ciclo de recrutamento com o Calendly

Planos de preços

Calendly e Prelude são vendidos separadamente atualmente. O Prelude é vendido apenas como uma assinatura anual. Entre em contato conosco para obter ajuda na escolha do produto que melhor atende às suas necessidades.

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from $12 /seat/mo

For small teams who need customization and reporting.

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Calendly integrations for recruiting

Integrações do Calendly

Aumente a produtividade com mais de 100 integrações que se encaixam perfeitamente no seu fluxo de trabalho de recrutamento.

Prelude integrations for recruiting

Integrações do Prelude

Mantenha tudo sincronizado com integrações poderosas que simplificam o seu fluxo de trabalho de agendamento.

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