Deleite a los clientes con una programación sencilla de citas

Conéctese con los clientes más rápido, sirva a más clientes y haga crecer su negocio.

Deleite a los clientes con una programación sencilla de citas
CI Assante Wealth Management achieved 323 ROI with Calendly

CI Assante Wealth Management achieved 323% ROI with Calendly

Find out how CI Assante Wealth Management streamlined scheduling for hundreds of financial advisors and delivered an intelligent, user-friendly experience to their growing list of clients.




de aumento en el alcance de clientes


hours reclaimed


Ayudamos a instituciones financieras a aumentar la rentabilidad

  1. Help more clients achieve their goals

    Eliminate time-consuming, manual scheduling so your advisors can focus on establishing strong relationships with clients and creating personalized investment strategies.

  2. Boost client engagement

    Make it easy for clients to self-schedule appointments when they want to review their portfolio, discuss market changes, or make adjustments when life changes.

  3. Embrace digital transformation

    Attract the next generation of investors with a digital-first scheduling process that lets them meet with you when and where they want to.

  1. Empower agents to sell more

    Gain a competitive advantage by ensuring your agents are the first to connect with prospective clients.

  2. Personalize the client experience

    Proactively meet with clients to learn about their long-term goals, ensure their existing coverage meets their needs, and discuss renewal options.

  3. Put an end to time-consuming scheduling

    Free up your agents so they can talk to more prospective clients instead of wasting valuable time figuring out when to meet.

  1. Enhance the customer experience

    Enable customers to schedule appointments when it is most convenient for them at the branch of their choice. Quickly route walk-in customers to an available specialist so they never have to wait.

  2. Eliminate phone and email tag

    Gain a competitive advantage by ensuring your experts can quickly connect with customers to discuss account features, complete loan applications, or verify interest rates.

  3. Maximize efficiency across branches

    Ensure each branch has the necessary experts based on scheduled appointments and discover which locations have the highest volume of appointments, have capacity issues, and more based on analytics.

  1. Grow assets under management

    Increase distribution of key funds by efficiently engaging more Financial Advisors, Institutional Clients, and Retirement Plan Consultants.  

  2. Eliminate missed booking opportunities

    Streamline the labor-intensive and inefficient scheduling of face-to-face meetings when sales reps are traveling in their territory or attending industry events.

  3. Optimize your sales efforts and reduce costs

    Improve time allocation between your inside and outside wholesale teams when coordinating meetings with Financial Advisors.


Make simple appointment scheduling your competitive differentiator

Connect with more prospective clients ahead of your competition

Connect with more prospective clients ahead of your competition

Book high-value clients on the spot and easily add additional guests — such as a spouse, business partner, or client’s tax advisor — to any appointment to win more business.

Boost client engagement with easy self-scheduling

Boost client engagement with easy self-scheduling

Empower clients to schedule appointments when and where they want to.  Embed Calendly anywhere on your website, such as on your advisor, agent, loan officer, or branch locator page, so clients can conveniently self-schedule appointments whenever they want.

Improve efficiency and spend more time serving clients

Improve efficiency and spend more time serving clients

Ensure clients show up to their appointments while decreasing manual work by automating appointment reminders via email or SMS. Connect Outlook and Gmail to send personalized communications, reminders, follow-ups, and more.

NewISO-27001 Certification

Ensure security and compliance across the scheduling lifecycle


Calendly follows FINRA and GLBA guidelines, is ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and PCI and GDPR compliant. Deploy Calendly confidently using SAML-based SSO with leading identity providers including Okta and Azure. Increase oversight with Domain Control and audit account activity with email and SMS communication archiving, activity logs, and more.

Descubra cómo Calendly le protege

“Calendly lets you truly customize the way you interact with customers. Within a large company, you can keep it simple or you can go in-depth and make it do whatever you want. Either way, you get incredible benefits.”

Nancy McMahanDirector of Client Engagement, Churchill Mortgage

“For me, it's a no-brainer. Our advisors are happy, and our clients are happy. The cost of Calendly is pennies to the dollar compared to its value.”

Asiya Khan Manager, Branch and Business Practice, CI Assante Wealth Management
Calendly features

Automatice para mejorar la experiencia de sus clientes

Crear flujos de trabajo

Crear flujos de trabajo

Envíe automáticamente correos electrónicos personalizados y totalmente conformes antes y después de las citas para reducir las faltas de asistencia e impulsar el compromiso del cliente.

Integrar Calendly

Integrar Calendly

Añada Calendly en cualquier lugar de su sitio web, como en su página de asesor, agente, oficial de préstamo o localizador de sucursales, para que los clientes puedan programar citas cuando quieran.

Simplify complex meetings

Simplify complex meetings

Configure un evento rotatorio para asegurar que su equipo contacte con clientes potenciales lo antes posible. Utilice los eventos grupales para organizar seminarios web y sesiones informativas con múltiples clientes, y programe fácilmente citas para dos o más partes interesadas.

Informes y analíticas

Informes y analíticas

Revise los compromisos de cara al cliente, optimice los procesos de programación basados en datos, asegure eficiencias de programación para que no se pierdan oportunidades de reservas, y mucho más.

Integración con su tecnología actual

Integración con su tecnología actual

Conecte su calendario, herramienta de videoconferencia, Salesforce u otro CRM, y más para aumentar la productividad y eliminar las tareas manuales.

Estandarizar buenas prácticas

Estandarizar buenas prácticas

Asigne y bloquee los detalles de la reunión para ofrecer siempre una experiencia profesional y fluida a los clientes.

Coordine múltiples calendarios

Coordine múltiples calendarios

Sondee a los clientes y otras partes interesadas clave, como su cónyuge, socio de negocios o asesor fiscal, para encontrar fácilmente el mejor momento para que todos se conecten.

Don’t just take it from us

Hear it from our customers

"Love Calendly. The integration with my calendar, CRM, LinkedIn DMs, and website makes appointment setting a breeze."

“Previously, I would ask the client to propose a couple of preferred dates and times for our call or meeting. With Calendly, the client is able to select from a range of dates and times, streamlining the process and saving so much time.”

“Calendly is an excellent timesaver by removing the mundane task of arranging to meet with clients and saving our team lots of time.”


Planes de precios

Elija un plan que se ajuste a sus necesidades.




Cuando tu equipo necesita alinearse en un proceso de programación y colaborar de manera eficiente.

Starts at

$15 000

/ year

Para los equipos que necesitan seguridad a nivel empresarial, control administrativo y soporte. Incluye compras de nivel empresarial.

Concierte citas más rápido

Elimine los problemas de programación para que pueda centrarse en las necesidades de sus clientes.

Elimine los problemas de programación para que pueda centrarse en las necesidades de sus clientes.