Information Technology Teams

Secure connections, empowered teams

Bring your teams together in a centrally managed, scheduling automation platform with complete oversight and visibility.

Secure connections, empowered teams

Remain secure and drive business impact



Increase in connections between sales and customer leads



More customers onboarded per month



Reduction in time to schedule customer success calls

Ensure enterprise-grade security and control all across the scheduling lifecycle

Ensure enterprise-grade security and control all across the scheduling lifecycle

With Calendly for Enterprise, your IT team can support scheduling automation throughout your organization while maintaining governance and meeting security standards.

IT Director, Alation, Inc.

“With Calendly SCIM and SSO offerings the barrier to entry is so low. The less work my IT team needs to do – and less work that the individual using the tool does – is where the benefit comes in.”

Zlatko Unger, IT Director, Alation, Inc.
Zlatko UngerIT Director, Alation, Inc.

Built with security in mind

Calendly provides your IT Team with the functionality to reduce risk, easily manage users, and remain compliant.

Reduce risk with secure authentication

Reduce risk with secure authentication

Deploy Calendly confidently using SAML-based SSO with leading identity providers Okta, Ping Identity, Azure, OneLogin, and AuthO.

Manage user access at scale

Manage user access at scale

Add and remove users with ease using automatic provisioning via SCIM and gain greater oversight and monitoring of users with activity logs.

Schedule from one, IT-managed account

Schedule from one, IT-managed account

Domain control settings make it easier for employees to join their teammates in Calendly and ensure everyone works within one centralized account.

Ensure peace of mind with enterprise-grade privacy

Ensure peace of mind with enterprise-grade privacy

Calendly knows how critical security and privacy is to your team and your organization. That’s why we take it seriously.

Securely monitor and audit account activity

Securely monitor and audit account activity

Review logins, user invites, and changes to organizational settings in real-time and troubleshoot suspicious activity as needed.

Discover account insights and adoption trends

Discover account insights and adoption trends

Monitor account health and identify teams that might require more training or additional onboarding to get up and running.

NewISO-27001 Certification

Certifications and Compliance


We know that security and compliance is top priority for your organization. That’s why Calendly is SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified as well as PCI and GDPR compliant. Calendly also follows FINRA and GLBA guidelines required for financial institutions. With Calendly for Enterprise, we’ll work with your IT Team to conduct security reviews and ensure that we remain compliant with your organization’s standards.

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Admin Management

Admin governance and user management

Calendly's robust admin features make it easy to manage teams across the organization. Gain greater control over user groups and permissions, and manage user access to event types.

With group admin privileges, you can delegate specific team members to groups, users, processes, and other account settings.

Account oversight and domain control

Account oversight and domain control

Claim your corporate domain and establish how new employees signing up for Calendly request access to your centralized, IT-managed account.

Get more from your existing technology

Calendly integrates with tools your teams rely on every day and makes it easy to sync data across your core systems.

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A centrally managed platform

Empower teams. Reduce risk. Stay compliant.

Calendly for enterprise makes it easy for IT Teams to centralize and govern users across the org.

The Old Way

Rogue users and little visibility

  • No centrally managed tool

  • Lack of visibility into user activity

  • Scheduling challenges driving inefficiencies across teams

  • Risk of rogue tool usage breaking compliance

  • Data siloed between rogue tools and core systems

The New Way

Centrally manage and drive value across the organization

87.5% cost savings on IT projects

  • Users and teams centralized on one account

  • Stronger governance and oversight of user activity and compliance

  • Scheduling automation that drives value across the org

  • Enterprise grade security features to help your organization remain compliant

  • Integrate and sync data across your core systems while streamlining scheduling

Recommended for IT

Enterprise Plan

With more security and admin functionality, governing Calendly is a breeze.

Ready to empower secure connections?