How to Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Webinar Length

55 minutes

Join this keynote and best practices discussion featuring Blake Morgan, CX futurist and bestselling author, and Danny Cruz, Calendly’s Head of Customer Success Programs, to hear expert tips for creating a differentiated customer-first experience.

As you strive to boost customer health metrics, handle support requests, and increase retention, it can feel like the goalpost keeps moving. It’s important to continuously evaluate what your customers are trying to tell you and how your current customer journey impacts their needs. By deciding to focus on building great customer experiences and implementing the right solutions, you can set your team and your customers up for success.

In this webinar, you’ll hear new perspectives on serving the customer of the future:

  • Meet with more of your customers to better understand their needs

  • Ask for the truth so you can resolve issues faster and support their goals

  • Be accountable and make it easier for customers to reach you or self-serve

  • Find ways to improve a little each day and leverage data insights


Blake Morgan

Customer Experience Futurist and Bestselling Author

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Danny Cruz

Danny Cruz

Head of Customer Success Programs

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