How to Build Your Competitive Advantage With Sales Automations

Webinar Length

58 minutes

Join this industry expert panel, including Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist; Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter; and Molly McKinstry, Calendly’s Head of Enterprise Sales, as they share advice and lessons learned for reaching your full revenue potential. 

As you strive to hit quotas in competitive markets during an economic downturn, it’s important to give your teams an advantage with the right tools. By automating the manual tasks that eat up your rep’s valuable selling time (such as scheduling, follow-ups, CRM data entry, and proposal/quote creation), you can scale a successful sales process while still customizing and adding personalizations to appeal to your prospects.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify which automations will drive the most revenue impact for your team 

  • Improve and accelerate every stage of your sales cycle (including filling your sales funnel, moving prospects through your funnel, and keeping them in your funnel)

  • Increase the productivity and performance of your sales reps

Save your seat and find new ways to outperform your competitors.


Mark Hunter

Host of The Sales Hunter and Sales Logic Podcast

Donald Kelly

Donald Kelly


Molly McKinstry

Molly McKinstry

Head of Sales

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