How Bynder hires faster with Calendly


Recruiting in the highly competitive tech space needs to be rapid and simple, so tools that reduce time-to-hire are a must.






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How Bynder hires faster with Calendly


Recruiting in the highly competitive tech space needs to be rapid and simple, so tools that reduce time-to-hire are a must.

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Bynder is all about reducing the time-to-market of businesses who provide high quality marketing materials to clients. Its digital asset management solution helps thousands of organizations organize and deliver large files quickly and easily.

But for talent acquisition and employee branding specialist, Tomas Haviar, recruiting in the highly competitive tech space needed to be more rapid and simple. He recognized his need for a tool that reduced the time-to-hire for Bynder’s internal talent management and hiring.

Reducing time-to-hire and eliminating candidate churn

Tomas’ success in his role hinges on efficiently communicating and scheduling with candidates. With engineers and developers in such high demand, delays in the interview or job offer process quickly lead to losing potential talent. Candidates take jobs where they enjoy the best interview experience, and they don’t stay on the market for long with such high competition in the tech sector.

As a recruiter at Bynder, Tomas spends much of his day reaching out to candidates to set up phone interviews. Previously, he would email times that he was available to several candidates at once, wait to get a response, and often have more than one candidate claim the same time slot.

At best, this led to more emails and a lag in getting the interview on the calendar. At worst, it meant losing a high-potential candidate to another company. Tomas adopted Calendly, hoping to streamline communication and expedite scheduling.

Fast recruiting that maintains a competitive edge

Tomas is now scheduling five or more candidates a day without any back-and-forth or scheduling conflicts. With one quick email containing a Calendly link, applicants are prompted to schedule an interview at their convenience. Tomas is never double-booked and candidates are impressed with the innovation, which bodes well for the company’s reputation in the tech sector.

Custom settings allow Tomas to spread out his interviews throughout the week, add padding so that calls don’t run over, and always keep his calendar classified. With a calendar that’s linked to Calendly, but set to private, candidates never know how many interviews Tomas is scheduling for a role or who he is meeting with.

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Es ist ein einfacher Weg, Meetings mit anderen zu planen. Es lässt sich in den Kalender integrieren und macht übermäßige Kommunikation für die Terminfindung überflüssig. Das erhöht die Transparenz und hält gleichzeitig den eigenen Kalender geheim.

Tomas Haviar



Calendly provided a solution robust enough to lead to a faster hire. Expediency and a pleasant experience are two huge goals that Bynder delivers on in the hiring process, allowing Bynder to attract the best talent with its seamless and straightforward process.

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